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The Bow Wave 04:43
If you think that you already know Everything about the tide Just swimming in the ports of call And taking the freest ride You’d launch another heart attack Just to see the fire and feed the flames You’re not getting your time back Hanging from a wire, walking through the rain BOW WAVES CUT THROUGH THE SOUND ALL MY LIFE I FELT THE PULL AND IT TOOK ME DOWN SOME WOUNDS THEY NEVER HEAL THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND AND STILL THEY PUT YOU BEHIND THE WHEEL If you feel like a waste of space You remember what used to be Just a memory you couldn’t face But you flash the signal across the sea You don’t need another open door For the flood to flow into your life You can fall straight to the floor Just to let it go if it feels right
The Breakers 06:40
Unhinge your jaw and kiss me soft I know you think you’re better off Get ready ‘cause I am here And no one else is at the top What were we thinking? We’re in the death zone Should have stayed aboard alone It suddenly became so clear And now the ocean is my home I’M THROWING CAUTION TO THE WIND LET’S SEE IF ANY WAVE’S WORTH RIDING I’M SETTING FIRE TO THE SEA LET’S SEE WHAT YOU’RE REALLY HIDING YOU’VE NEVER TALKED THIS WAY BEFORE I GUESS WE’LL HAVE TO MEET YOUR MAKER WE’LL NEVER MAKE IT TO THE SHORE I GUESS WE’RE GONNA HIT THE BREAKERS Untie your shoes and take them off Wade into something blue, it’s getting hot Get ready, ‘cause I am here And will you please forget me not What was I thinking? We’re in the riptide Should have stayed at home this time It suddenly became so clear And now the water feels just fine
The Undertow 03:59
One day it’s easy to get behind That’s one way to see it - but never mind Did you feel it? I’ve got no bearings and no tongue Did you feel it? We kissed the ocean floor as one I CAN TELL YOU FEEL THE SAME I CAN FEEL THE UNDERTOW DID YOU THINK THIS WAS A GAME IF IT IS I’D LIKE TO KNOW YOU CAN SELL ME ANYTHING WHEN YOU WHISPER IN MY EAR WHO KNOWS WHAT THE NIGHT WILL BRING AS WE GENTLY DISAPPEAR
[Crashing Waves]
. .. ... .... ..... .
Shock Wave 04:05
Get in - the water’s warm And I know you’re still strong Swim down and find your reason Find out where you belong I know the river’s flooding I’m up on current events It’s been a while since I was able To make these words and still make some sense I THINK YOU WOULD REMEMBER THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION ROCKED BY THE SHOCK WAVE AND OPEN TO SUGGESTION THE BEAUTIFUL PRETENDER THE LETTER ON THE TABLE ROCKED BY THE SHOCK WAVE BUT WILLING AND ABLE Be true - and I’ll be patient And I know you’re still you What side would you prefer ‘Cause we have a lot to do I know the clock is ticking This is the life and times It’s been a while since I was able To make ends meet - or draw the line
Rogue Wave 03:46
Swim into the fountain of youth and drift along forever But the rogue wave hits and we’re on the rocks together TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME, I’M NOT READY TO DIE TAKE TWO WILL BREAK YOU WHEN THE WATER’S TOO HIGH
Thrillwave 05:23
We are breaking through the brick All atop the endless river We are cutting to the quick All about to be delivered Are we almost to the shore Is there someone there to meet us Are we sinking into nothing Will the rising tide defeat us CAUGHT IN YOUR BOW WAVE DROWNING IN THE THRILLWAVE


released May 11, 2014

John von Volkli and Jon Bash - vocals, guitar, production, programming on tracks 1-9.

Guests: Derek and Gertrude Macintosh, vocals on "The Undertow."


all rights reserved



VR Trainers Bellingham, Washington

We execute sonic works projects for you to enjoy. So enjoy.

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