by VR Trainers

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"If sparseness is what you're looking for, look away. "Image" is dense, frenetically so.
The EP is is extremely accessible and has crossover appeal."
- What's Up! Magazine

We love what we do and we love who we are. We're Trainers VR. We're Trainers VR.

This EP is designed to be played loud. We suggest you do so.


released September 2, 2013

John von Volkli: vocals, guitars, production.
Jon Bash: production, programming, guitars, vocals.



all rights reserved


VR Trainers Bellingham, Washington

We execute sonic works projects for you to enjoy. So enjoy.

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Track Name: N Vwls
Are you in the box
Is that image fine
Pleasing to the ear
But it's piercing mine
Take the easy road
And drive on down the line

Are you in the open
Calling for the list
The laser guided eye
With the view still fixed
Drinking from the waters edge
With the grail in your fist

Spelling it out in the greatest detail
Then you remember it does not exist
The screaming of people in a crowded room
And then another thing that goes like this
Track Name: Ours and Ours
The easy life and the good life
I wish I was there
Instead of making the grade again
When you don't even care
No proclamation, no bills to pay
No mediation, no house to burn
No acclamation, no not today
No expedition, no wheels to turn

Trust me; it’s ours and ours
And the changes are coming
It’s the real world. It’s ours and ours
And show keeps on running

How many times must I say to you that the day’s almost come
And the will to live is strong in you but I know it’s no fun
It’s a deathwish - it’s all a sham - but I still see the sun
Looking into the kaleidoscope - I am not the only one
No proclamation, no bills to pay
No mediation, no house to burn
No acclamation, no not today
No extradition, no wheels to turn

It’s hours of work
And ours to keep
It’s only a problem
When you swim in the deep
Track Name: Capacitive Touch
Behind the glass I see your face
You're looking into my eyes
Your hair is falling and the word is out
That isn't your real name
Should you remember what we talked about
And should you care
And if you think you've got it figured out
Just take me there
Just touch the screen cause I want it so much
And should you dare
And keep your finger on capacitive touch

Behind the mask I learn to see
Your world is a house of cards
You're in the kitchen when he tells you he knows
That you're still the evening star
Should you feel happy in the bed you made
And should you care
Then draw the picture when you draw the shades
You take me there
You know I'm ready and I want it so much
I wouldn’t dare
Just keep your finger on capacitive touch
Track Name: Be Still My Beating Drum
All the image
All the hype for you
When the maker doesn’t leave a mark
In the trappings
Of the center stage
When the lighting leaves you in the dark

Be still my beating drum
I think you know
You’re not the only one to
Feel that way
You’re still the only one to
Steal the show so please
Be still my beating heart
As I press play

Call me crazy
But the house is too
When they see you don’t really live
All the pictures
That they take of you
And they never even think to give

All I ask
Is that you take me with you
All I have
Is that which I can give you

If you think you’re only
A little closer to the sun you’re not alone
But the wings are coming off now
The earth is pulling down
And you’re not on your own
Track Name: The Pacific Theater
You turn into the person that I'd never known
Pleasure and the purpose
I guess you make me nervous at the picture show
The gallery is open to
The public and the private
The screening is over
The plane has no pilot

When you are here
The image is bright
When they turn on
The marquee lights

We find it out the hard way when the night is through
Treasure at the surface
I guess it's all a matter of what to do
The real is fiction to
The people on idle
The movie is starting
The film has no title